Your current reconciliation time line.

All monthly invoices arrive into one simple to view panel. CLEAR COUNT handles the rest.

During REVIEW individual invoices are reconciled line by line, versus the vendor's rate sheet. If discrepancies are found, CLEAR COUNT immediately highlights them, pulling the needles out of the haystack.

Real-Time accrual statistics.

Stay on top of everything with comprehensive statistics.

How does CLEAR work?

CLEAR connects into your existing workflow. From trade entry, pulling on block and electronic execution STP, to your end of day, end of month and through accounting integration.

ClearPRO Pricing

Clear Count
Description Reconciliation as a Service
Support Real Time
Data Access Technical Logs for Support
Limited/Restricted Access To Transaction Data
Onboarding 3 Month Free Trial
Cancel Anytime
Fee for Custom Integration
Fee Negotiable