We specialize in providing line of credit/invoice factoring for Executing Brokers.

We handle confirms, we handle invoicing, we handle collections. Money hits your bank account on the 5th business day of every month.
Headaches removed! All you need to do is focus on getting business done.

CLEAR captures trades in real-time from CME, ICE, and Nasdaq.

How does CLEAR work?

CLEAR connects into your existing workflow and can be customized to integrate with your existing systems, pulling on exchange data STP to accomplish one goal - accruing brokerage bills DAILY (vs current practice of doing it monthly).

CLEAR confirms via chat and email.

Chat confirms, immediate email confirms, and total end of day confirms are automatically sent.

Focus on the business, not the admin.

Text Messages.

Real-Time accrual statistics.

Stay on top of everything with comprehensive statistics.

Invoices and Collections simplified.

Invoices are automatically generated at end of the month.

ClearPRO Pricing

Clear Protocol Clear Factor
Description Software as a Service Invoice Factoring/Line of Credit
Major Benefit Complete Middle Office software solution Clear Protocol Software
Get paid on 5th business day of the month
(eg: Sep18 invoices paid Oct 5th)
Support Real Time Real Time
Data Access Technical Logs for Support
Aggregate no. of lots traded for billing
Technical Logs for Support
Limited/Restricted Access to transaction data
Onboarding 3 Month Free Trial
Cancel Anytime
Fee for Custom Integration
3 Month Free Trial
Fee 1.5c/Lot (*.0015/bbl for physical) 2 - 7% Depending on monthly revenue