Appendix B
Acknowledgement of Information Collected by CLEAR PROTOCOL

CLEAR PROTOCOL takes extreme precautions to avoid handling user data and has a unique data UN-custodianship policy – meaning the user or user’s cloud provider must act as a custodian of the user’s data, and access is restricted or completely sealed off from CLEAR PROTOCOL.

Nonetheless, very select, key and specific pieces of information are collected from your data for monitoring, support service updates, and billing purposes, the following is a description and full disclosure of this data:

Technical Data

In order to provide timely, accurate, and ongoing support, the following information is pushed out from the users Container to Clear Protocol's servers as part of a built-in technical monitoring system.

Status of running clusters on containers
  • Current status: on/off
  • Project ID on Cloud
  • Name of the cluster on the Cloud
Technical Support Purposes
List of Container within every node
  • Name of image
  • Image version
  • Status of the container
  • Last error message
  • Location of the nodes
Technical Support Purposes
List of External IP’s for Cluster Whitelisting with CME/ Tech Support
CLEARbot status:
  • connection state
  • last error message
  • timestamp of data last received
Technical Support Purposes

Billing Data

In order to generate a monthly invoice, which is based on volume of lots matched up via brokerage, CLEAR PROTOCOL automatically receives a pushed-out output from the user’s Containers.

aggregate number of lots traded in each month.
(if you trade physical/bilateral, and cleared we receive a breakdown)
So we can generate an invoice

By signing this Appendix B, you acknowledge the following information will be shared with CLEAR PROTOCOL for the duration of both the Free Trial Period and the Contract Period. Any changes to the information listed above must be approved by you in writing.